A Minnesota Family Lakeside Resort

Bill & Theresa Garry and family – Jenny, Mike, Tom & Hollie are the owners of Agate Lake Resort. Our family works hard to make your stay relaxing and enjoyable.

Bill looked for jobs in the Brainerd Lakes area in hopes to move his family up north. He never found anything that was a good fit until his father mentioned a resort for sale.

Bill and Theresa came up to Brainerd in February of 1993 to see the resort and visit with the previous owners.

It felt right and we left saying, “Yes, this is what we want to do!”

We closed on it in May 1993 and moved from the cities in June with our 4 children ranging in ages from 6 months to 8 years. We were totally green in resorting, so it was a big step.

When we bought the resort there were nine seasonal cabins and a lodge. Over the years we have moved two cabins, torn down four cabins and the lodge, and rebuilt six new year round cabins, a game room, and remodeled five cabins.

Agate Lake Resort was originally built in the 40’s and has had many changes since then. One thing that has not changed is the quiet, peaceful, beautiful place that it is, surrounded by tall pines on groomed level grounds on a pristine lake.

A vacation spot for families to make traditions and memories that last a lifetime.

Storm of 2015

KidsHelpBill and I and our family here at Agate Lake Resort are so blessed to have such caring and beautiful customers. After the recent storm that went through the Brainerd Lakes area the Agate Lake “Family” all pitched in to help clean up everything from downed trees and branches, broken chairs, upturned docks, water toys and equipment, passing out water, and much more, they worked tirelessly all day.

When I commented to one of our customers how awesome everyone was he said to me:

“When you create a family atmosphere you get family, and this is what family does.”

It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of the generosity of everyone. We received calls from customers who offered to come up and help, even a first timer coming in that Thursday offered to bring his chainsaw and we had not even met yet. Friends and family showed up to help too, we are so blessed.

On Friday a customer came to buy ice and I felt terrible telling him we had given it all out and I was all out, so what did he do he went and bought me ice!

These are our “Family” at Agate Lake and we want to say again, Thank you, thank you and may God bless you abundantly for all your generosity!!

Bill and Theresa Garry Family